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Self-learning how to use it. Learning how to use a computer is another area.

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The goal we set has been achieved, and we can continue to live our lives in peace. And, of course, write myself a letter to the future, as Volodya Grigoriev did yesterday:

“I am fully aware that illness is a very difficult test for my physical body, but it is the only thing I have left of my past life, and I, realizing my ultimate weakness, realize the need to acquire additional qualities in this life.

I have used my life experience and acquired knowledge, skills and abilities for this purpose.

Judging by the state of my physical and emotional condition, I am ready to meet my present and future children and grandchildren in any situation worthy of me…”

And the reality is that a person’s life does not end there. Some of you can go on living your life and enjoying life. And some, after going through an illness, find themselves in a new quality. It’s very important for each person to make a conscious choice: to return to their past – to their state of hopelessness, hopelessness, emptiness, despair, rejection, pain, fear or not.

It’s okay to be sick. When you are sick, time seems to stop. You can work, restore your strength, tweak your life, think about what you can change, what you would like to have in it.

Another plus is the strong human spirit. When there is a conscious desire for life, when a person cannot tear himself or herself away, when he or she is ready to fight the illness, to see that children and grandchildren are recovering, he or she gives himself or herself a chance to return to earth. And life on earth sometimes gives such opportunities.

There was such a case in my practice. A woman was very seriously ill, her life hung by a thread.

When I met her, I understood that she was ready to do something that made her different from the others. She was acutely aware that her mother had recently passed away at the age of 43. It seemed that now one more year, all would be well, but the woman was not gathering her strength at all.

And the reason was that in this family had developed a peculiar stereotype: all men sooner or later pass from life, but women – never. So you have to enjoy life when everyone is healthy and there are no people who need your care and support.

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